Brenda Montani  MSc

Registered Clinical Counsellor  

Couple's Therapy

Most couples go through difficult patches where communication breaks down and the tools that have always worked in the past are no longer effective. When the relationship has become noticeably negative for a long period of time and you can find no more solutions on your own it's time for new tools and ways of communicating. It's time to get out of the negative cycle and rekindle the feelings you have for each other, It's time to get to work as a ​couple and  remove the barriers that are dragging the relationship down. It is not the time to quit.After  years of working with couples I know at if they end their relationship and partner with another person  there will be problems that need solving.I specifically work on communication with couples.I offer a communication technique that fosters understanding, intimacy and creativity without the conflict and hurt that comes from ineffective communication patterns.