Anxiety is a normal human emotion that we all experience at times.It is a problem when it becomes consistent and has a negative impact on your day to day functioning.


Most couples go through difficult patches where communication breaks down and the tools that have always worked in the past are no longer effective.

I have been a clinical counsellor, with a masters degree in counselling for the past 35 plus years. I am inspired by the people who resourcefully work through life's challenges no matter how great and I feel privileged to be able to make the journey with them.I have recently focused my practice on working with people struggling with anxiety and/or depression.  I am excited by the new treatments available that  are making such a difference for my clients.I continue to work, as well, with couples. Being  married for 40 + years myself , I understand the commitment and energy required to maintain a healthy relationship. It takes work on and attention to the relationship to make it all that it can be.My personal life is devoted to outdoor activities and making life an adventure. I am blessed by a wonderful family and special friendships, all of which I value immensely.

Brenda Montani

Registered Clinical Counsellor   


According to Dr. David Burns depression  has been called the world's nu​mber one health problem.   The impact of depression on the individual, their families and society is enormous.


Cognitive behavioural therapy focuses on changing the mind so that mood and behaviour are significantly adjusted.